What do you intend to scan at your event?

It is important to confirm what you intend to scan at your event to ensure the Core is configured correctly for your badges / tickets / QR codes / Barcodes

Printed Entegy badges - Will you be scanning badges created in the Core with Badge Creator?

Badges with unique attendee QR codes can be designed in the Core and generated to be printed pre-event. Alternatively, these badges can be printed onsite through the Kiosk Manager element. By default, badges generated in the Core will use Entegy QR codes. Learn more about the Badge Creator here.

In-app badges - Will you be scanning in-app badges?

As part of the App element, an in-app badge containing their unique QR code can be added to the App Main Menu. The QR code on the in-app badge is the same as the QR included on the printed badge and can be used the same way the physical badge would. Learn more about in-app badges here.

Badges / Tickets from external registration systems - Will you be scanning a QR Code or Barcode on tickets or badges from an external system?

QR codes and barcodes from external systems are supported in the Core. Third-party registration systems can send out tickets containing essential event information and a unique QR code or barcode, that will be readable during the event.


When working with external registration systems you will need to: