Confirm Scan Method for Attendance Tracking

How to confirm scan method for Attendance Tracking

It is important to consider how your attendees and staff will be using the Attendance Tracking element during the event. Outlined below are the various ways the Attendance Tracking element can be used at your event.

Once your scan method has been confirmed, consider what you are intending to scan at your event.

Staff to scan attendee badges/tickets

Onsite staff can scan attendee badges/tickets as they enter a session or social event to track their attendance. Using the Track app allows staff to not only scan but look up attendees and manually add a scan if they don’t have their badge/ticket.

Attendees to scan session QR code

QR codes can be generated per session and attendees can scan these using the QR scanner in the event App. These QR codes can be added to presentation slides, placed on the door etc., and attendees can scan them on their way into the session or at the start of the presentation. Please note: the App element is required for this scan method.

Attendees to self-check-in at automated scanning station

Automated scanning stations can be setup to allow attendees to scan their badges at the station on their way into a session. This option allows attendees to scan themselves rather than needing a staff member on the door checking people in.

Attendee to self-check-in through the App - no scanning required

Using the schedule in the event App, attendees can manually check themselves into sessions. This option does not require a badge or any scanning. Please note: the App element is required to this method.

Next steps: What do you intend to scan at your event?