Confirm scan method for Lead Capture

How to confirm scan method for Lead Capture

It is important to consider how your attendees and exhibitors will be using the Lead Capture element during the event. Outlined below are the various ways the Lead Capture element can be used at your event.

Once your scan method has been confirmed, consider what you are intending to scan at your event.

Exhibitors Scan Attendee Badges/Tickets

The most common scan method for Lead Capture is to allow exhibitors to capture their own leads by scanning attendee badges/tickets. Scanning through the Capture app allows exhibitors to be responsible for collecting their own leads. Exhibitors will often require a conversation with an attendee before capturing them as a lead to ensure the lead is genuine.

Attendees Scan Exhibitor Scan Points

Scan points refer to QR codes placed around the venue and on exhibitor booths. These can be placed around the venue to track attendee flow through the event or can be used in place of an exhibitor choosing not to use Lead Capture. If using this scan method, it is common that exhibitors will not have control over which attendees are using the scan points, creating leads that are not genuine. Instead, the data collected would be useful for post-event statistics such as attendee flow, most popular booth etc.

Exhibitors to scan attendee badges/tickets, and attendees to scan exhibitor scan points

Using a combination of both exhibitors scanning with the Capture app and scan points allows for the best of both worlds. Exhibitors can capture genuine leads on their booth, and attendees can scan the QR codes around the venue to track attendee flow or participate in a passport competition.

Next steps: What do you intend to scan at your event?