Confirm Scan Method for Kiosk Manager

How to confirm scan method for Kiosk Manager

It is important to consider how your attendees will be using the Kiosk Manager element during the event. Outlined below are the various ways the Kiosk Manager element can be used at your event.

Once your scan method has been confirmed, consider what you are intending to scan at your event.

Attendees to scan QR code on kiosk

Each kiosk has a unique event QR code that can be scanned by an attendee through the event App. When the QR code is scanned using the in-app QR scanner, the attendee’s badge will be printed. Please note: this scan method requires the App element and attendees will need to be logged into the event App to scan.

Kiosk to scan attendee QR code or ticket

Kiosks are equipped with a built-in QR scanner. This scanner reads an attendee’s unique QR code or ticket and will print the attendee’s badge.

Attendees to enter unique reference code - no scanning required

When checking in at a kiosk attendees can enter a unique reference code to print their badge. This code will need to be distributed to attendees before the event and will be set through the profile login options. This option does not require a badge or any scanning.

Attendees to complete registration form - no scanning required

When checking in at a kiosk, attendees can fill out a registration form to print their badge. This kiosk registration form is setup in the Core and registrations taken through the form are created as profiles. This option does not require a badge or any scanning.

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