Event Checklist

It is important to consider each element being utilised for your event, and any setup or communication required for these elements. Before the event, ensure all elements are configured and setup correctly using the following checklists.

App Settings 

Ensure your App element is configured correctly for each feature in use. For example, how will your attendees access the app? Is this configured correctly? Are your push notifications queued with the correct time for the event timezone?

Attendee Connect 

Each Attendee Connect feature must be configured individually. Ensure these features are setup to reflect how you intend your attendees to use them. For example, is the Activity Feed enabled to allow attendees to post comments and images directly to the feed, or only from page in the Core such as a Speakers page? Is the Profile List configured to display the correct information in the list?

Interactive Sessions  

While most of the configuration and setup for Interactive Sessions typically take place onsite (e.g. setting up and managing the Display Screen etc.), it is still important to setup the basics and test in preparation for onsite. For example, are all relevant sessions setup as ‘Interactive’? Do you know how to manage the Facilitator Panel and cycle through questions on the Display Screen?

Attendance Tracking

Ensure your Attendance Tracking is configured and your attendees/staff are aware how to scan. For example, who will be scanning? Attendees, staff, self-check in? Do your staff know how to use the Track app?

Lead Capture

There are multiple login methods for Lead Capture. Ensure you are aware which method you will be using, and can communicate this to your exhibitors. For example, how will your exhibitors be logging in? Is the Capture app configured correctly for this? How are you going to communicate to your exhibitors how they will be logging into the Capture app?

App Promotion 

Promoting your app and elements helps ensure success for the app. Sending out communication containing download instructions and login details encourages attendees to access the app and interact. Push notifications, popup messages, and physical advertisements can also be used to promote the app and its features.