Exhibitor Registration Complete Email

System generated emails can be found in Project Configuration > Email > Templates.

This is a suggested template in html format, which can be previewed after entering into the editor window. To format the header / footer and colours you will need to customise the email design in the Design Tab.

Exhibitor registration complete template (copy and paste into the editor window)

<body><p></p><h2>Dear {FIRSTNAME}</h2><p></p>

<p>Thanks for registering for the Capture app.</p>

<p>If you logout of the Capture app you will need the following login details to rejoin your team:</p>

<p></p><h2>Access the app</h2><p></p>


<li>Enter the Event Code: {PROJECT-ACCESSCODE}</li>

<li>Enter your {AUTH-LINEONE-NAME}: <strong>{AUTH-LINEONE-VALUE}</strong></li>

Only include the following line if login authentication includes a second line

<li>{AUTH-LINETWO-NAME}: <strong>{AUTH-LINETWO-VALUE}</strong></li>

</ol><p></p><h2>To use the Capture app</h2><p></p>


<li><strong>Scan Attendee Badges</strong> Tap to scan, hold badge 20cm from camera with the QR in the centre screen. A green tick indicates a successful scan.</li>

<li><strong>Manage and Export Leads</strong> Tap the ‘Leads’ button then on a profile to take notes and answer qualifying questions. Click the ‘Export’ button to email a CSV of all captured data to yourself.</li>


<p>If you have any questions or issues, please contact your event organiser.</p></body>


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