Registration Complete Email for Kiosk Manager Element Only

System generated emails can be found in Project Configuration > Email > Templates.

This is a suggested template in html format, which can be previewed after entering into the editor window. To format the header / footer and colours you will need to customise the email design in the Design Tab.

Registration complete template for Kiosk Manager Element only (copy and paste into the editor window)

IMPORTANT: Remove the section in red if attendees will not be scanning tickets at the kiosk.

<body><p></p><h2>Dear {Firstname}</h2><p></p>

<p>Thanks for registering!</p>

<p>When you arrive, check-in at one of the badge printing kiosks to receive your badge.</p>

<p></p><h2>Print your badge</h2><p></p>


<p>Tap to begin, then follow the prompts to enter your unique access code: <strong>{AUTH-LINEONE-VALUE}</strong></p>


<p>If you have been received a ticket containing a personal QR code for this event, keep it handy and scan it at a kiosk when you arrive.</p>

<p>If you have any questions or issues, please contact your event organiser.</p></body>


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