App FAQs for Organisers

Can I view the app on a computer?

Yes you can. On the dashboard, there’s a panel called Available Via. Click on the Web App and it’ll take you to the web version of the app.

What features work if my attendees are not logged in using profiles?

All App element features will work if attendees are not logged in, except for the following:

These three App features rely on attendee profile data to work, and therefore, cannot be used unless attendees are logged into the event app.

I have made a content change in the app, how can I view this in the app?

To view the latest content updates, you will need to refresh your app. This is a local update that will ensure your personal device is viewing the latest version of the app.

To refresh the app

  1. Navigate to the Main Menu of the event App
  2. Click the Cog icon in the top-right corner
  3. Select Refresh Content

How do I setup my app to prompt attendees to login before accessing the app?

Attendees can be prompted straight away to enter their unique login details. Attendees can either login with a single or two-step login process. 

To setup App with profile Login

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Project from the Navigation Menu
  2. Navigate to Access Type
  3. Select Profile Login from the drop-down
  4. Click Save
  5. Navigate to Project Configuration > Profiles from the Navigation Menu
  6. Navigate to the Login & Authentication tab
  7. Select authentication method using the First and Second lines
  8. Click Save

An attendee has lost/not received their login details. What should I do?

Attendee login details are found in the Core. The login details required are determined by the login method set for the project.

To view login details in the Core

  1. Navigate to Profiles > View All from the Navigation Menu
  2. Use the search bar to search the relevant name
  3. Click the profile's name
  4. Navigate to the Profile menu from the right-hand options where you will find:
    • Access Code
    • External Reference
  5. Navigate to the Details in the Configuration Panel to find an attendee’s Email Address

Where can I link my Welcome Popup?

A popup message can be added to your app to appear to app users upon first login

To link a welcome popup message

  1. Navigate to App > Settings from the Navigation Menu
  2. Navigate to Welcome Popup
  3. Select the relevant welcome popup from the drop-down menu
  4. Click Save

Where can I change the login/welcome message?

To change the login/welcome pop up message, navigate to App > Popup Messages in the Core. You can either delete the message by clicking on the drop-down menu or edit the message by clicking on it.

I’ve created my popup message, how do I link this to the appropriate page?

Navigate to the appropriate page and link the popup message to that specific page.

To link a popup message to a page

  1. Navigate to Content from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select the page you wish to link the page banner to
  3. Navigate to Page Settings from the right-hand options
  4. Navigate to Popup Message
  5. Select the popup message  from the drop-down options
  6. Select when the popup message with show
    1. Show every time Popup message will appear each time the page is viewed
    2. First view only Popup message will appear on first view of the page
  7. Click Save

I have setup my popup messages to show ‘First View Only’, but they are not appearing in the app. Why are they not appearing?

If you have already viewed a page in the app prior to linking the popup message, your ‘First View’ has already happened. To view your popup messages, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the app. This will clear any ‘views’ you may have had for that page.

Can I have custom page banners for certain pages in the app?

Yes, custom page banners are supported on some pages in the app, as listed below.

Please note: if a global banner is set for the app, the below pages can still support custom banners.

  • Schedule
  • Abstracts
  • Blank Page
  • Blank Group
  • Floorplan container page only, however, a sponsor logo could be added to floorplan image
  • Profile List
  • Exhibitors
  • Speakers
  • Map Locations
  • About
  • FAQ
  • What’s On
  • Directions
  • Embedded Web Link

How do I set a page banner to appear at the top of my app?

Page banners run across the bottom of the app, however, page headers sit at the top of most pages in the App. Custom page headers can be created to appear on set pages throughout the App.

Is there a character limit for Push Notification messages?

Notification messages possess a maximum text length of exactly 3000 characters - which is roughly 500 words. While this is quite a large character limit, it is not advised to utilise this many characters as attendees are unlikely to read that much text.

Can I export my bookmarked sessions/attendees and session notes?

Bookmarked attendees and session notes can be exported from the event app and emailed to you. However, any bookmarked sessions, speakers or exhibitors cannot be exported and will be stored locally in the app on your device.

How can I update my personal information displayed in the App?

Personal information and contact details can be updated directly from the event App. Profile Settings are located in the MyApp icon on the Main Menu of the app. Here you can update personal details, or customise your privacy settings.

Is there a way I can use the App as my personal name badge?

When configured, in-app badges can be used to display your personal QR code, which is linked to your profile and can be scanned to access your personal details. The in-app badge can also be used in place of your physical badge/QR code and can be scanned for use with the Attendance Tracking, Lead Capture and Kiosk Manager elements.

Please note: you must be logged in to access your in-app badge.

I want to update/change my app design. What can I change, and how do I update this?

If you have a standalone or embedded app, you are able to update any design assets that are found under App > Appearance in the Core. These can be updated by uploading new assets and updating any relevant colours.

Any other design updates to standalone apps, these will require an app resubmission to both the Apple and Google stores, which may incur an additional fee. Please contact your Ignite Partner for more information.

If you are wanting to update your portal design, please also contact your Ignite Partner for more information on this process.