Interactive Sessions FAQs for Organisers

What is the Facilitator Dashboard?

The Facilitator Dashboard is the powerhouse for your Interactive Sessions and is the only place to enable, manage and utilise all feature.

Is it possible to change my display screen splash/background image?

Yes. Under Settings in the Interactive Sessions tab, you’ll see a title called Images with a box under that saying “Interactive Session Background”.

Where will interactive sessions appear in-app?

They will appear within one of the sessions within the schedule or agenda page on the main menu.

Can I update the highlight colour of the session?

Yes, this colour is controlled by the App > Appearance > Highlight Colour.

Please note: updating this colour will update other places in the app where this colour appears.

What is the difference between Ask a Question and Submitted Questions?

Submitted Questions is included in the Interactive Sessions element. Submitted Questions enables attendees to submit questions. These questions update in real time and can be bookmarked or pushed to the display screen to be addressed by the speaker. They can also be turned into a live polling question for the audience.

The Ask a Question feature is included in the App element and can only be moderated through the Core. The Ask a Question feature allows attendees to submit questions to the speaker, and needs to be refreshed to see any new questions. It is a valuable feature for events without the Interactive Sessions element.

Why is my session not appearing in the list?

For sessions to be interactive, they must include both a start and end time. Without a start or end time, the session will not appear in the list.

What features work in Interactives Sessions without Attendee Connect?

All Interactive Sessions features work without requiring the Attendee Connect element. However, to participate in a session’s Live Discussion, an attendee will need to be logged in. Both Live Polling and Submitted Questions are publically available without needing to login.