Lead Capture FAQs for Exhibitors

I have logged out of the Capture app and can’t log back in. How do I access the app again?

If you have logged out of the Capture app, you will need to log back in using an Access Code. If you have logged in using the Exhibitor Access Code and signup form, or forgotten your Access Code, you will need to recover your details.

To recover Capture access details

  1. Open the Capture app and enter the Event Code
  2. Select Access Code as the login method
  3. Click Recover Details
  4. Enter the email address used when registering
  5. Click Proceed
  6. Use the Access Code emailed to that address to login

What are Qualifying Questions and how can I use them?

The Qualifying Questions feature is an in-app form for collecting additional data from your leads. You can create custom qualifying question in the app to be shared amongst your team.

To create custom qualifying questions in Capture app

  1. Click Manage on the home screen
  2. Select Qualifying Questions from the list of options
  3. Click + to add a new question
  4. Select the type of question you wish to add to your form
  5. Add the Question and, if applicable, the response/s
  6. Click Save

I want to update my team’s qualifying questions. What happens to the data collected if I add or remove a question?

If a qualifying question is removed, all data collected for that question will be lost. If a new question is added, only leads scanned from that point on can have that question available.

The questions and their responses rely on the time of the question was created or deleted. Any question deleted after some scans have taken place, will delete data collected by that question. If a question is added after some scans have taken place, you will only be able to collect data for attendees scanned from that point on.

How do I scan and manage attendees using the Capture app?

To scan attendees

  1. Click Scan on the home screen
  2. Hold name badge roughly 20 cm from your device camera
  3. A green tick will indicate a successful scan
  4. Click Continue Scanning or Go to Attendee to complete answers to qualifying questions and notes

To manage leads

  1. Click Leads on the home screen
  2. Select an attendee’s name
  3. Click Notes or update answers to qualifying questions

How can my I view an attendee’s contact details in the Capture app?

In the Capture app, once an attendee has been scanned, their details will appear with their profile in the Capture app. However, contact details for attendees such as Contact Number and Email may show as ‘Unavailable’, unless an attendee has chosen to share these personal details. Note: both Contact Number and Email may still be available in your post-event export report.

How can I export my leads?

Leads can be exported directly from the Capture app. Before exporting, it is important to ensure all leads are synced so the most up-to-date information will be exported.

To sync leads

  1. Click Sync of the home screen
  2. A green tick will indicate when your leads have been successfully synced

To export leads

  1. Click Export on the home screen
  2. Select leads to export All Leads or My Leads
  3. Select team members to send leads to or add email address
  4. Click Submit

I have used the Capture app before and am logged in from a previous event. How do I logout?

To logout

  1. Click Sync on the home screen to confirm syncs are up to date
  2. Click Manage on the home screen
  3. Click Logout/Change Event
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