App FAQs for Attendees


Can I view the app on a computer?

Yes you can. Contact your event organiser for a link to the web app.

I have lost/not received my app login details. What should I do?

Contact your event organiser for your personal login details.

How can I update my personal information displayed in the App?

Personal information and contact details can be updated directly from the event App. Profile Settings are located in the MyApp icon on the Main Menu of the app. Here you can update personal details, or customise your privacy settings.

I have opted to not receive notifications from the app on my device. Is there a way I can still view these without opting back in?

Yes. The Notifications icon on your app will house all notifications you have received. A red exclamation mark will display next to the icon to indicate when a new notification has been sent.

Can I export my bookmarked sessions/attendees and session notes?

Yes. Bookmarked attendees and session notes can be exported from the event app and emailed to you. However, any bookmarked sessions, speakers or exhibitors cannot be exported, and will be stored locally in the app on your device.

When I delete the app, what data is lost?

Any session notes, attendee scans and bookmarks will be lost when the app is deleted, as these are all stored locally on the app on your device. It is recommended to export all session notes and scans before deleting the app.

Is there a way I can use the App as my personal name badge?

When configured, in-app badges can be used to display your personal QR code, which is linked to your profile and can be scanned to access your personal details. The in-app badge can also be used in place of your physical badge/QR code and can be scanned for use with the Attendance Tracking, Lead Capture and Kiosk Manager elements.

Please note: you must be logged in to access your in-app badge.