Attendance Tracking FAQs for Staff

How do I access the Track app?

You will need to enter the Event Code and Session Access Code to access the Track app. Both codes will be required when logging into each session.

Where can I find my Event Code?

Your event organiser will provide you with the Event Code.

Where can I find my Session Access Codes?

Your event organiser will provide you with the Session Access Codes for the relevant sessions you will be scanning for.

Please note: Each session has its own Session Access Code. You will need to logout of a session before logging in to scan attendees into the next session.

How do I scan attendees?

To scan attendee badges

  1. Tap the Scan button on the home screen and hold the name badge roughly 20cm from your device camera
  2. A green tick will indicate a successful scan
  3. A red cross will indicate an ineligible scan

How do I confirm an attendee’s status?

To confirm attendee scan status

  1. Click Scans on the top right-hand corner of the mobile screen
  2. Click on Search icon to search attendees
  3. Click Scanned to view attendees already scanned and total number of attendees scanned
  4. Click Remaining to view attendees not yet scanned and total number of attendees not yet scanned
  5. Click on Attendee to View Profile or to manually add or Remove Scan

How do I log out of each session and into the next?

To log out

  1. Confirm Sync Status on the bottom left corner is displaying green arrows
  2. Click on Setting on the top left corner
  3. Scroll down settings and click Log Out

To log in

  1. Open the Track app
  2. Enter the Event Code and Session Access Code
  3. Click Login

Please note: This process will need to be completed for each session.

How do I know that attendees have been scanned?

Once an attendee QR code/badge has been scanned, a green tick will display indicating a successful scan.

What do I do if a red cross displays when I try to scan an attendee’s QR code/badge?

This means that attendee has not signed up for or paid for this session/event. Direct the attendee to the registration desk or event organiser.

An attendee doesn’t have their QR Code/badge. How do I track this attendee?

Scans can be manually added to a profile from the Track app.

To manually add a scan to a profile from Track app

  1. While logged into the appropriate session, navigate to Scans located in the upper right-hand corner of the app
  2. Click the Remaining tab
  3. Click the appropriate attendee Profile to reveal a pop-up menu
  4. Click Add Scan
  5. Click OK to confirm the addition