App Element Testing

How to test the App Element

You will need to test your App before your event.

Firstly this will ensure you know that your app content appears correctly in the app. Secondly, testing prior to your event will ensure you have adequate time to make support enquiries.

To login into your app

  1. Download the app or relevant partner portal
  2. Make sure you accept notifications
  3. If using a partner portal, you will be prompted to enter the Event Code (the Event Code can be found on the Project Dashboard in the Core)
  4. If logging in, enter your personal login credentials

To test main menu icons

  1. Open the event app
  2. Click each icon on the Main Menu to ensure correct content is attached to  each icon
  3. If an icon is displaying a ‘Coming Soon’ message, this icon will need to be linked in the Core at App > Main Menu

Click here to read about linking icons on the Main Menu.

To update project timezone

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Project from the Navigation Menu
  2. Navigate to Venue Timezone and select the relevant time zones for both the Core and Mobile

To test push notifications

  1. Navigate to App > Push Notifications from the Navigation Menu
  2. Ensure all queued notifications are the correct send date and time

Click here to read about push notifications.

To test popup messages

  1. Open the event app
  2. Navigate to the pages that have popup messages linked
  3. Click through to any linked pages to ensure they are linked to the correct pages

Click here to read about popup messages.

Please note: If you have already viewed a page in the app prior to linking the popup message, your ‘First View’ has already happened. To view your popup messages, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the app. This will clear any ‘views’ you may have had for that page.