Lead Capture Element Testing

How to test the Lead Capture Element

You will need to test your Lead Capture before your event.

Firstly this will ensure you know how to assist exhibitors if they have any troubles logging in or scanning QR codes. Secondly testing prior to your event will ensure you have adequate time to make support enquiries.

To test your Lead Capture:

  1. Download the Lead Capture app
  2. Enter the Event Code (the Event Code can be found on the Project Dashboard in the Core)
  3. Enter your App Access Code/Exhibitor Code (exhibitor codes can found at Lead Capture > Exhibitors in the Core. Personal access codes can be found in Profiles > View all)
  4. Click ‘Tap to Scan’
  5. Hold the device 20cm away from the badge to scan
  6. A green tick indicates a successful scan

Click here to read more about using the Capture app