Interactive Sessions Setup Considerations

Interactive sessions usually involves a few stakeholders: attendees, speakers, venue audio visual team and session facilitator and moderator:

  • Attendee access to interactive sessions - communicate to attendees how to access and participate in interactive sessions via the app or event portal.
  • Get your speakers on-board, explain how they can utilise interactive sessions for their session prior to calling for presentations
  • Ensure the venues audio visual team are equipped with access to the relevant session display screens (a unique url per session)
  • Ensure the facilitator/moderator knows how to access the facilitator panel and how to use it
  • Establish which features you will be using - polling, Q&A and or discussion. Will questions be open to submit prior to session commencing
  • Are you using demographic data to show on polling results - consider how attendees will be logging into the app
  • What registration data will be required to utilise the demographic polling feature?