App Setup Considerations

App is a valuable communication and information tool, before getting started create a plan around the content and adoption:

  • Information required in the app e.g schedule, speakers and sponsors lists, general event information, floor plans. How will you gather this information, apply to the app and manage changes.
  • Do you have abstracts or documents, where are these hosted
  • Is your schedule large and complex, what features do you plan to use e.g streams, groups etc
  • How will your attendees be accessing the app and how do you intend to communicate this to them
  • Do you require any ‘smart’ personalisation of custom content, if so how will you gather the profile information required to show personalised content to groups/types of attendees
  • Will your app be available publically via an event code or do you require each attendee to login
  • Design and sponsorship, do you have existing branding to incorporate and will you have any sponsored components such as banner, menu icon, page header etc
  • Push notifications, if required it’s advisable to plan these in advance and even schedule them