Kiosk Manager Setup Considerations

Kiosk Manager has a number of layers to ensure smooth delivery pre-event to on-site. There are hardware and resource components.

  • Pre event:
    • Design of kiosk interface to match event branding
    • Confirm attendee profile requirements and how this data will be collected
    • Confirm check-in method - scan, username and passwordaccess code or registration
      • If scanning - what will be scanned e.g. Printed Entegy Badge, In-app Badges, Tickets from External System
    • Design Badges
    • Confirm and order hardware requirements based on attendee numbers, time frame and flow - how many kiosks will be suitable and will you have dedicated kiosks for different check-in options or attendee types
    • Load Attendee Profiles and communicate to attendees how they will check-in when they arrive
  • On-site
    • Setup, configure and test
    • Who will be managing onsite registrations and reprints? Provide Kiosk Companion access to on-site staff