Lead Capture Setup Considerations

Using Lead Capture should be mutually beneficial for both attendees and exhibitors. It’s important to communicate to both attendee and exhibitor how lead capture works and what personal information they are sharing. Running incentives and passport competitions are a fun way to encourage connections.

  • Confirm who will be scanning and what will be scanned? Exhibitor to scan attendee physical badge, ticket, in-app badge or attendee to scan exhibitor ‘scan points’ or a combination of these options
  • Create a list of exhibitors and confirm if your exhibitor teams will be pre-registered or signup onsite
  • Confirm how attendees will be registering and what registration data will be required for exhibitor leads.
  • Confirm that attendee registration data will be captured, or automatically synced to the Core prior to scanning
  • Communication:
    • Are attendees aware their information will be shared with exhibitors/sponsors, have you gained their consent
    • Communicate to exhibitors/sponsors how to access the lead capture app and how to export their leads