Archive - Suggested Login & Authentication Configuration


To enhance the attendee experience logging into the app, there are some configuration needs to take place. See below for suggested configuration.

1. Confirm login method

Confirm how your attendees will log into the app. Your login authentication method will affect some of the below setup suggestions.

First Line (Username/Token):

  • Username/Access Code
  • Email

Second Line (Password):

  • Password
  • External Reference
  • Internal Reference

Note: It is recommended to use Username and Password, as attendees are able to personalise their login details.

2. Update App Terms

For consistency, update your app terms to match the login method selected. By updating these terms, attendees are enabled to have a smooth login process with simple, easy to understand instructions.

Note: The below suggests generic text for these terms, however these can be updated to best reflect your chosen login method.

To Update App Terms

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Login & Privacy from the Navigation Menu
  2. Navigate to Login Prompt and update as required:
    1. Login Prompt - Please enter your details
  3. Navigate to Welcome Message and update as required:
    1. Welcome Message - You can change your privacy settings from the App Main Menu by clicking the settings cog and “About this Application”
  4. Click Save

3. Confirm in-app Privacy Terms

Upon first login all attendees can be prompted to read and agree to a privacy policy. This privacy policy is to explain to attendees how an organiser intends to use their data upon logging into the app.

By default, the privacy policy is blank, and will need to be updated by the organiser. Below is some suggested copy that can be used. The organiser can amend where applicable.

Note: If the privacy statement is left blank, it won't show and attendees will be sent straight to the welcome screen. Attendees will not be prompted to update their privacy settings and their privacy will default to ‘To Connections’.

To update privacy policy with suggested copy

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Profiles from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click the Login & Privacy tab
  3. Navigate to Privacy Options and input privacy policy copy
    1. Privacy Terms Title: Welcome to the [event name] app.
    2. Privacy Terms:
      By logging in we may:
      a) Share your details with sponsors and exhibitors including your name and email
      b) Send you promotional emails related to the event
      You may opt out of your data being shared or used for marketing purposes at any stage.

      In addition to the data you have submitted upon registering, we store and may also match profile data with basic statistics of use including page views, messages, images, activity feed, points, votes, session attendance, exhibitor visits, forms submitted/or feedback and device type.
  4. Click Save

4. Enable login recovery email

Now that attendees have the ability to change both their usernames and passwords, it’s important to give attendees the opportunity to recover these details.

Passwords are not saved in the Core and cannot be recovered by the organiser, so a login recovery email will need to be enabled to allow the attendee to reset their password.

Note: the reset your password link emailed to the attendee will only be active for two hours after sending.

To enable the login recovery email

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Profiles from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click the Login & Privacy tab
  3. Navigate to Login Options > Show ‘Recover Access Code’ Link
  4. Select Show from the drop-down menu
  5. Click Save