Login & Authentication FAQs for Organisers

Can I use a single code for login?

There is no functionality for a single code to be used for login. 

Is it a requirement that I set a privacy statement even though I am not servicing EU citizens?

While it is best practice to include a privacy statement for your attendees, you are not required to include one. By leaving the statement blank, your attendees will not be prompted with it in the app when they login.

It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with GDPR and GDPR requirements. Click here to read more about GDPR.

My attendee has forgotten the password they set. Where can I find this?

Passwords set by an attendee are not stored in the Core. The attendee will need to retrieve their details from the app by clicking the Recover my Details link from the login screen.

Alternatively, you can generate a new temporary password for a single attendee in the Core.

To generate a temporary password in the Core:

  1. Navigate to Profiles > View All from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select the profile you wish to update
  3. Navigate to Profile in the right-hand options and click Edit
  4. Click Generate New Temporary Password
  5. Click Save

Is app login required for my app?

App login will be required to access some Element features, these include:

  • Push notification categories (App Element)
  • Smart redirects (App Element)
  • In-app badges (App Element)
  • Profile List (Attendee Connect Element)
  • Activity Feed (Attendee Connect Element)
  • Messaging (Attendee Connect Element)
  • Points and Leaderboard (Attendee Connect Element)
  • Live Discussion (Interactive Sessions Element)

These Element features rely on attendee profile data to work, and therefore, cannot be used unless attendees are logged into the event app.