How much content should I have in my app for submission?

To help ensure your standalone app is accepted onto the Apple and Google Play stores, the app will need to avoid some common issues that cause apps to be rejected. Entegy’s recommendations allow, not only the Entegy Builds team, but both Apple and Google to easily access and review your app for submission.

Below is a recommended setup for your app content and setup.

Suggested app setup:

A minimum of 6 content icons (excl. Feature icons such as Profile List, MyEvent, Leaderboard, etc). Suggested Icons: 

      • Schedule
      • Speakers
      • Sponsors
      • Exhibitors
      • About
      • Notifications (with ‘Welcome to the XX event’ notification)
      • Feedback Form (anonymous submission only)

Some further considerations:

  • Content behind each icon - no empty pages
  • Menu items must not link to ‘coming soon’ message
  • Completed app design and colours
  • App Access Type: Public Access - no profile login
  • Set a primary project if the App is a portal

Please note any reference to profiles or logging in may cause the app to be rejected and slow down the submission process.