Installing/Upgrading Kiosks to Kiosk Launcher V2

The following instructions outline the installation of Kiosk Launcher V2 for both existing installations and new.

If Kiosk Launcher V1 is already installed:

  1. Launch ‘Kiosk Launcher V1’
  2. Navigate to ‘Utils’ and select the ‘Options’ tab
  3. Click on the option ‘Re-Install Application’
  4. The re-installation will begin after a few seconds

Please note: If the Install process does not start within a couple of seconds and a message displaying ‘Downloading installation files’ appears; an error has occurred and you will have to follow the installation process outlined below.

If Kiosk Launcher V1 is NOT already installed:

Download EntegyInstaller from:

Depending on the number of kiosks it's recommended to store EntegyInstaller on a USB for convenience. Note that this will still require a stable internet connection to install. Copy the EntegyInstaller.exe file to the machine and run the application, accepting any Windows security prompts and run with administrative permissions prompt. The EntegyInstaller will install the new version of the Kiosk as well as remove all the old Kiosk components as well as retain all the existing kiosk settings.