How can I see if Audience Polling questions have been asked prior to a session?

You can view how many and which Audience Polling questions have been asked through the Core and the Facilitator Panel.

TIP: Once a question has been asked, it will no longer be part of the Display Queue. When testing, results will need to be reset in order to reset the Display Queue

To view an overview of Audience Polling questions and statistics

  1. Navigate to Interactive Sessions > View Sessions from the Navigation Menu
  2. Navigate to the top menu
    1. Question Instances: Total number of questions asked (questions may be asked multiple times)
    2. Answers: Total number of Audience Polling answers provided by attendees

To view per session Audience Polling questions already asked

  1. Navigate to the Control Panel
  2. Select the event
  3. Click Facilitator for the relevant session
  4. Select the Audience Polling tile
  5. Click Select from All Question from the action tiles
  6. Questions with green ticks next to them indicate the question has already been asked. Questions with greyed out ticks indicate the question has not yet been asked.