Start processing the Display Queue (ask Audience Polling questions)

How to start processing the Display Queue (ask Audience Polling questions)

Once pre-populated, the Display Queue containing all Audience Polling questions can begin.

Questions will cycle through in the queued order, the next question appearing once the previous question has been closed and removed. Questions can be reordered from the Core to suit and updates to question order.

Please note: Questions will continue to cycle through until all questions in the queue after that question has been asked. For example, the first question asked might be the 4th question in the queue of 6 questions. Questions 4 to 6 will be asked as part of the queue, however, as questions 1 to 3 were first in the queue, these will not be asked.

TIP: Once a question has been asked, it will no longer be part of the Display Queue. When testing, results will need to be reset in order to reset the Display Queue. 

To start the Display Queue

  1. Navigate to the Control Panel
  2. Select the event
  3. Click Facilitator for the relevant session
  4. Select the Audience Polling tile
  5. The first question in the Display Queue will appear
  6. Click Ask this Question
  7. Click Start Voting
  8. When ready to close the question, click Stop Voting and Show Answer or Close and Remove
  9. The next question in the queue will appear
  10. Repeat steps 6-9 until all questions in the Display Queue have been asked

Next steps: Reset the Audience Polling Display Queue