Manage Interactive Sessions images

How to manage Interactive Sessions images

Branded images are required for any event using Interactive Sessions. These images act as the background and holding screens for all sessions using Interactive Sessions.

To manage Interactive Sessions images

  1. Navigate to Interactive Sessions > Settings from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select the Images tab
  3. Populate the following images as required:
    1. Interactive Sessions Background (required): This image is required for ALL projects using Interactive Sessions. This image is displayed when the Display Screen is not in use (e.g. not displaying a question or comment).
    2. Animation Holding Image (optional): This image is used when using the Slide In/Out Global Transition Animation. If the Global Transition Animation is set to something else, this image is not required.
    3. Standalone Session Header (Interactive Sessions Standalone only): This image is used if you are having an Interactive Sessions Standalone project. It will appear in the top header and will be the main source of design for this app. If you do not have an Interactive Sessions Standalone project, this image is not required.