Store Listing Overview

Store Listing is the process which enables you to have your app available on the Apple and Google Play stores. This process can be quite involved and, depending on your deployment method, will require you to create Apple and Google Play store accounts.

Deployment methods

There are three (3) deployment methods for your app. These include embedded, standalone and custom portal.

An Embedded app allows your project to be embedded in an existing portal. These apps can be instantly rolled out, bypassing the cost and time involved in submitting your app to the Apple and Google Play stores.

A Standalone app is a full app with custom app icon, loading screens and dedicated store listing page in the Apple and Google Play stores. Standalone apps are for single use only.

A Custom Portal is your own branded event app portal used to house any number of apps. Portals may either require a unique code or show a list of available app tiles, which can be split into pages of different categories.

Click here to read more about which deployment method is best for your event.

What is a Store Listing?

Store Listings are the unique pages found on the Google Play and Apple App Stores, used to advertise and distribute app(s). You will need to populate Store Listing details for each standalone app or portal you wish to submit. A Store Account is also required for this to occur.

Note: each client/organisation you service will require their own Store Accounts.

What is a Store Account?

Store Accounts are developer profiles used to distribute Store Listings. These profiles are registered directly with Apple and Google Play. Entegy will be provided team access, allowing our build team to securely and promptly submit Store Listings on you and your client's behalf.

Note: some client organisations may already possess the Store Accounts outlined above. Please check with your client before proceeding. For clients, it is also strongly advised to seek approval to submit an app to stores.

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