Is it possible to receive status updates for my app submission?

Yes! The Entegy build team will send email updates relating to the status of your app submission. Your nominated client contact will also receive these updates, on top of automated status updates from both the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

If you have not been receiving these emails, please check your spam folder and consider whitelisting If the issue persists, please contact us.

The current status update emails are sent by the Entegy build team:

  • Recent app submission unsuccessful. Entegy has rejected your store listing; reasons provided along with appropriate course of correction.
  • Recent app submission successful. Entegy has approved your store listing; your store listing will soon be in-review with the app stores.
  • App Store Listing In-Review. Both Apple and Google Play are now reviewing your app.
  • App Store Listing Accepted. Both Apple and Google Play have accepted your app. Congratulations!
  • App Store Listing Rejected. Apple and/or Google Play have rejected your app. Entegy will attempt to solve the rejection. Otherwise, reasons provided with a advised course of rejection.