Configure Interactive Sessions Standalone Display Screen settings

How to configure Interactive Sessions Standalone Display Screen settings

The Interactive Sessions Display Screen can be configured with a variety of display settings. These settings will affect all instances of the Display Screen.

To configure Interactive Sessions Display Screen settings

  1. Navigate to Interactive Sessions > Settings from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select the General Settings tab
  3. Update the below settings as required
  4. Click Save

Answer Numbering: Set whether letters or numbers are displayed with the Audience Polling responses when shown on the Display Screen.

Global Transition Animation: Set how the various screens transition between one another (e.g. Moving from the Audience Polling question to displaying the answers). Fade is recommended as this is the least distracting.

Allow users to Submit Questions when not Logged In: Restrict whether attendees must be logged in to participate in Submitted Questions. If not enabled, attendees can submit questions as ‘Anonymous’

TIP: If attendees haven’t already logged into the app, this will ensure an attendee’s name is associated with their Submitted Question.

Show Profiles on Questions & Comments: Restrict all comments and questions displayed on the Display Screen to only show as ‘Anonymous’. This will still allow an attendee’s name to display in the Live Discussion feed and any Submitted Questions in the upvote queue.

TIP: If this setting is disabled, attendee names will still be visible in the app for both Live Discussion and Submitted Questions. This setting is solely for the Display Screen.

App Update Frequency (seconds, between 1 and 10): Set how quickly the app refreshes when controlling the app display (e.g. moving from the Audience Polling question to displaying the answers).