Interactive Sessions Standalone Setup Considerations

How do attendees access interactive sessions without an event app?

  1. Download the Ignite Event Launcher or other event portal via the app store
  2. Enter the unique event code and attendee access code
  3. Pick the session and go!

Do you want to track who is participating and use demographic data for polling results?

Note: Live polling responses can only be submitted once per question per attendee device.

Yes, I want to track demographic data:

Audience demographics allow you to filter responses received from Live Polling into categories based on attendee data. Custom multiple choice profile fields such as age bracket, sector, years of industry experience etc., can be used to create this demographic data.

Please note, this data can only be accessed if the field is pre-populated in the attendee profile and the attendee is logged into the App.

Yes, but I only want to track who is participating:

If you are not wanting to track demographics but simply see who has responded or posed a question, attendees will need to be logged in. When logged in, the attendee name will be shown when pushing questions or discussion comments to the display screen.

No, I don’t want to track any data:

However, if you are not wanting to track any audience data, the App can be left as public access with no login required. When left as public access, responses will be left as ‘anonymous’.

Please note, if attendees are not logged in, they will be unable to participate in any Live Discussion.