Store Listing Configuration [Partners]

Portals need to undergo the same process as a standalone app, except a portal will need to be submitted with at least one project linked. 

The steps below outline the process of configuring the store listing in the Core (CMS) and submitting the portal. This will need to be completed by the partner.

1) Connecting Store Accounts to the Entegy CMS

Once your client's Store Accounts have been created for the Apple and Google Play Stores, and team invites sent to Entegy, you will need to link these accounts to the Entegy CMS. These will create a single Store Account for your standalone app or portal.

2) Preparing an app for submission

Each portal must be submitted along with at least one (1) project. This project will need to need to avoid some common issues that cause apps and portals to be rejected. Entegy's recommendations allow not only the Entegy Builds team, but both Apple and Google to easily access and review your app and portal for submission.

3) Preparing a Portal Store Listing in the CMS

A Store Listing is for portals which are to be submitted within the Google Play and Apple App stores. The submission process can take a few weeks. It's best to allow four-to-five weeks to create your store account with Apple and an additional two weeks to complete the submission process prior to your App launch. 

4) Approving a Store Listing

Once you have fully prepared your Store Listing, the next step is to approve the App Submission.