Add a Project to a Portal

How to add a project to a portal

In order for your event app to be accessible through your portal, it must be added to the portal. This can be done two different ways - adding through the portal project, or through the project dashboard. 

To add a project to a portal through the portal project:

This is a great way to add multiple apps to the portal in one hit. Simple tick all relevant projects to be added to the project.

  1. Navigate to Allowed Projects from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click +
  3. Click the checkbox next to projects you wish to add to the portal
  4. Click Save

To add a project to a portal through the project dashboard:

Add per-project to the portal through the project dashboard.

  1. Navigate to the relevant project
  2. Navigate to Dashboard from the Navigation Menu
  3. Navigate to the Associated Builds card
  4. Click Quick Add
  5. Click App
  6. Select the portal from the drop-down list
  7. Click Add Build