Upload a Portal Tile

How to upload a portal tile

If you have chosen to have a Tile Entry portal, you will need to design and upload portal tiles for each project linked to your portal. 

Each tile will need to be uploaded and linked to the relevant project or action. 


To upload a portal tile

  1. Navigate to Portal Design from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select the Design tab
  3. Select a screen/layer to add the tile to
  4. Click +
  5. Upload image
  6. Select the Type of tile
    1. Image: a static image on the portal e.g. organisation logo
    2. Go to Project: select from projects linked to the portal
    3. Go to Screen: select from other screens/layers created
    4. Enter Code: direct attendees to the ‘Enter Code’ screen from a tile
    5. QR Scanner: where applicable, allow attendees to scan the QR code for a specific project linked to the portal
    6. Back: use this button to move between screens/layers of your portal
    7. Coming Soon: if your project is not ready yet, link the tile to a Coming Soon message
  7. Choose the Opacity level (0-100)
  8. Where applicable, set the Top Margin. This will shift the tile from the top, up and down the screen and can be used to create consistent spacing between tiles
  9. Set Visibility