What restrictions do I have with Eventbrite custom questions when integrating with the Core CMS?

It is highly recommended Each Attendee is selected, as this option allows for all attendees to have their own contact details and personalised profile synced to the Core. 

Different question types sync differently.

For example, automatically mapped fields include those Eventbrite Default Questions outlined below, as well as multiple-choice custom questions that meet the listed question types below. There is no limit to how many multiple-choice custom questions you can integration.

Automatically mapped Eventbrite Default Questions

  • Prefix = Title
  • First Name = First Name
  • Surname = Last Name
  • Email Address = Email
  • Mobile Phone = Contact Number
  • Job Title = Position
  • Company/Organisation = Organisation

Multiple Choice Custom Questions

The recommended Eventbrite question types are radio buttons or dropdown, which only allow users to select one answer. Checkboxes allow users to select more than one answer and are NOT currently supported in the Core.


  • if you use Checkboxes only one answer will be synced with the Core, ignoring any additional attendee selections.
  • Waiver will appear in the Core as ‘accepted’ or blank if not accepted
  • Eventbrite’s Short Text and Paragraph question types will sync as Short Text and Long Text respectively in the Core, however it is important to note that a maximum of 10 plain text fields are allowed in the Core.


Text-based Questions

Text-based fields can be manually mapped as part of the integration, however, only 10 text-based fields can be synced. This includes any text-based questions under ‘Information to Collect’ not included in the list above, as well as any text-based custom questions.