What is the highlight colour, and where can I find it in the app?

The highlight colour is primarily part of the Content design and is used to highlight features in-app such as notes, bookmarks and heading styles. However, this colour is also used throughout the Suite to highlight features.


TIP: As this colour is used in so many places, it is recommended to ensure this colour is bright and readable. Black, other dark colours (navy blue etc.) and white will create visibility and app usage issues. Remember to test your colours in-app prior to the event.

Below is a list of where the highlight colour is used throughout the Suite.

Highlight features in-app

  • Content
    • Bookmarks
    • Notes
    • Comments
    • Heading styles
  • Sessions
    • Bookmarks
    • Notes
    • Comments
    • Show on Map / Room Location
  • Submission Forms
    • Text colour for Header Text
    • Selected Response (e.g. Yes or No, Star Rating)
    • Text colour for short and long text fields


In-app colours for Interactive Sessions

  • Heading colours on Interactive Sessions page
  • Audience Polling question and selected answer
  • Submit answer button


Interactive Sessions Display Screen Colours (unless set to custom)

  • Background colour for questions and comments on the display screen
  • Header bar colour
  • Upvote colour


Lead Capture colours

  • Part of the Lead Capture app colour theme
  • Used for text, buttons etc.
  • Qualifying Questions responses