How can I make updates to my store listing, portal, standalone app?

Important note

Resubmissions that occur in a short period of time after an app's initial submission will incur an additional fee of AUD $300 excl. GST. For resubmissions where a change of mind has occurred or a mistake has been made when providing assets or details, we will charge this fee. This fee does not apply to resubmissions which are required to fix issues with the source or to provide necessary feature updates.

Request an update to your app/store listing

  1. Navigate to Store Listing from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click Revise Build Status from the right-hand options
  3. Click Request an update from the list of options and agree to the terms presented
  4. Click Save
  5. Make all changes to your store listing details and/or assets as required


When you are finished making changes, you will need to approve your store listing.

Next Steps: Approving a Store Listing