Attendee Self-Scan Setup

Attendee self-scanning with Lead Capture allows attendees to use the event app to scan QR codes/scan points. This can be setup to achieve multiple outcomes:

  1. To leave attendees details/register interest
  2. To earn points (e.g. Passport Competition)
  3. To track attendee flow

Attendee self-scanning can either be configured on its own, which allows attendees to scan unattended QR codes, or, coupled with exhibitors who have access to the Capture app.

If only attendees are scanning, it is common that exhibitors will not have control over which attendees are using the scan points, creating leads that are not genuine. Instead, the data collected would be most useful for post-event statistics such as attendee flow, the most popular booth etc.

However, if using a combination of both exhibitors scanning with the Capture app and scan points allows for the best of both worlds. Exhibitors can capture genuine leads on their booth, and attendees can scan the QR codes around the venue to track attendee flow or participate in a passport competition.

Important note

Attendee Self-scanning requires attendees to be logged into personal profiles in the event app.


Attendee Self-scan Setup

1) Create Exhibitor Content Pages

2) Generate Exhibitor Codes

3) Generate QR Codes

4) Enable QR scanning from the event app

5) Configure event app login

6) Test

7) Communication