Exhibitor Access Code Setup

By providing exhibitors with a single unique access code for the team, exhibitors can register each team member via the Capture app. This simple access method allows exhibitors the freedom of registering as many team members as required. 

This can be setup to achieve the following:

  1. Allow multiple exhibitor team members to register individually from a single code
  2. Exhibitors to capture and manage their own leads
  3. Attendees to earn points for scanning (e.g. Passport Competition)
  4. Track attendee flow 

When using this access method, exhibitors will need to be provided with both the Event Code and unique Exhibitor Access Code.

Each exhibitor team member who registers through the Capture app, automatically creates a profile in the CMS. If an exhibitor already has a profile, this will create a duplicate profile. It is recommended to create a separate field to help distinguish those exhibitors who registered through the Capture app. 


If exhibitors have pre-registered, you can either use the personal login access method, or you must allow duplicate emails.

Access cannot be restricted when using this access method, therefore, as many team members can register. If the organiser wanted to limit the number of team members for each exhibitor, this could only be achieved using a personal login access method. 

Important note

Once a team member has registered with a team, their profile should not be deleted or moved between exhibitor teams. If removed/moved, the connection between that team member’s device and the server will be broken. This will render all scans irretrievable.


Setup Exhibitor Access Code

1) Create Exhibitor Content Page

2) Generate and Export Exhibitor Access Codes

3) Create Capture Exhibitor Registration Form

4) *Optional* Configure Registration Complete Email

5) Test

6) Communication