Exhibitor Personal Login Details Setup

If exhibitors have already registered for the event, these existing profiles can be used to allow access to the Capture app. Using this method, each member of the exhibitor team must be assigned to an existing exhibitor team. 

This can be setup to achieve the following:

  1. Allow exhibitors access using personal login credentials
  2. Limit the total number of users for each exhibitor team
  3. Exhibitors to capture and manage their own leads
  4. Attendees to earn points for scanning (e.g. Passport Competition)
  5. Track attendee flow 

When using this login method, each exhibitor will need to be provided with the event code and their personal login details. These may be the same as the event app, or used solely for Capture. If the login credentials are also used for an event app, any updated details (e.g. password), will also be updated for Capture. 

For example, an exhibitor logs into the event app and updates their password to be personalised. The exhibitor then logs into the Capture app using those updated details. 


If some exhibitors are pre-registered and others are not, both access via both Personal Login Details and Exhibitor Access Code can be activated simultaneously.

Team members can be added to an exhibitor team in bulk using the Bulk Assign Team Members Wizard. This tool uses the Organisation field in each profile and matches this to an existing exhibitor. Any profile that does not match an existing exhibitor (e.g. spelling errors, or exhibiting for another organisation) can be assigned manually. 

Access can be restricted when using this access method, therefore, the organiser can limit the number of team members for each exhibitor. If the organiser wanted to allow an unlimited number of team members, this could be achieved using the exhibitor access code access method. 

Important note

Once a team member has registered with a team, their profile should not be deleted or moved between exhibitor teams. If removed/moved, the connection between that team member’s device and the server will be broken. This will render all scans irretrievable.


Setup Exhibitor Access Code

1) Create Exhibitor Content Page

2) Upload Exhibitor Profiles

3) Assign Exhibitor Team Members

4) Test

5) Communication