Staff to Scan Setup

Onsite staff can use the Track app to scan attendee badges/tickets as they enter a session or social event to track their attendance. The Track app also allows staff to look up attendees and manually record their attendance if they don’t have their badge/ticket.

This can be setup to achieve the following:

  1. Scan all attendees as they enter a session
  2. Monitor attendee access via the Track app
  3. Attendee earn points for being scanned
  4. Track CPD

When using this method, onsite staff will need to be provided with both the event code and session access code/s. 


If sessions are running in the same room, tracking session groups can be created to limit the number of session access codes needed.

As staff will be closely monitoring admittance to the session through the Track app, this method is best for sessions requiring session access rules. When an attendee has their badge/ticket scanned, the Track app will show a green tick if they are allowed entry, or a red cross if not, allowing staff to restrict access based on tickets purchased, profile data etc.

This method is also recommended if the post-event data is used for reporting such as CPD etc. As staff are monitoring admittance, they can ensure all attendees are being tracked into the session. 


Setup Staff to Scan

1) Create Schedule and Sessions

2) Generate and Export Session Access Codes

3) *Optional* Create Tracking Session Groups

4) *Optional* Configure Session Access Rules

5) Test

6) Communicate