Attendees to Scan Setup

QR codes can be generated per session and attendees can scan these using the QR scanner in the event App. These QR codes can be added to presentation slides, placed on the door etc., and attendees can scan them on their way into the session or at the start of the presentation.

This can be setup to achieve:

  1. Attendees to scan and track attendance
  2. Attendees to earn points for scanning
  3. Track CPD

Please note

The Event App with profile login is required for this scan method

When using this method, all attendees must be logged into their personal profile in the Event App to scan session QR codes. The Track app is not used for this method.

This method is not recommended for tracking CPD. This method is not as accurate as staff scanning attendees, however, motivated attendees will ensure their attendance is tracked for relevant sessions. 

If using session access rules, this method is not recommended. As attendees can scan themselves, they are not likely to be responsible enough to not enter a session that has denied them access. If the event organiser is strict with ticket-only entry using access rules, staff to scan is the best method to monitor admittance. 


Setup Attendees to Scan

1) Create Schedule and Sessions

2) Generate Session QR Codes

3) *Optional* Configure Session Access Rules

4) Test

5) Communicate