Tile Entry Portal Setup

A Tile Entry Portal provides a menu of event-branded tiles to allow attendees to select which event they are attending. 

This can be setup to achieve the following:

  1. Allow attendees to easily access events from a single place
  2. Minimise required communication (e.g. no Event Code needed)
  3. Manage which events are available via the portal 
  4. Easily configure tiles and linked projects

If you have chosen to have a Tile Entry portal, you will need to design and upload portal tiles for each project linked to your portal. This will be an ongoing process and will be required for every event you would like accessible via the portal.

Each tile will need to be uploaded and linked to the relevant project or action. 

Portals can be designed with just a simple main menu of tiles, or sub-menus for tiles/projects. Rather than opening the portal and having all event tiles, you might need to create a sub-menu to increase ease-of-use for your attendees. 

Updates to tiles can be pushed immediately through the Portal Project interface. 

Please note

Changes to the portal background image will require a full resubmission as this is part of the Store Listing > Background/Splash images.


Setup a Tile Entry Portal

1) Create a Portal Project

2) Manage Portal Type Configuration

3) Add a Project to a Portal

4) Upload a Portal Tile

5) *Optional* Create a Tile Portal with Sub-menus

6) Publish Design Changes to the Portal