Code Entry Portal Setup

Code Entry Portals require an attendee to input a unique Event Code to access a project. 

This can be setup to achieve:

  1. Allow attendees to easily access events from a single place
  2. Manage which events are available via the portal 
  3. Instantly link a project to a portal

Code Entry portals have a landing page that displays when the app is first opened. This screen includes the Tap to Start image and the splash screen from your store listing details. When the Tap to Start image is clicked, an attendee will then be prompted to enter their unique Event Code.

The Tap to Start image can include text or images to help match with the portal branding etc. Other details, such as the placeholder text, can also be updated. 

When designing the Tap to Start image, it is recommended to include any logos etc. in the transparent image. This way the logo and branding will always be visible, even on smaller devices. 

Updates to the Tap to Start image can be pushed immediately through the Portal Project interface. 

Please note

Changes to the portal background image will require a full resubmission as this is part of the Store Listing > Background/Splash images.


Setup a Code Entry Portal

1) Create a Portal Project

2) Manage Portal Type Configuration

3) Add a Project to a Portal

4) Upload Tap to Start image

5) Manage Portal Details

6) Publish Design Changes to the Portal