Zoom + MUX [Event Organiser Guide]

A Zoom Meeting can be configured as the broadcasting service, which links into a distribution platform, such as MUX. 


As the Event Organiser, you are responsible for configuring the behind the scenes settings to ensure the session will run smoothly during the event. You will need to:

  1. Create a Live stream in MUX
  2. Input MUX Stream URL into the Entegy CMS for session
  3. Create a Zoom Meeting and Link MUX
  4. Share the Zoom Meeting Details with Session Facilitators and Session Speakers


Create a Live Stream in MUX

MUX converts the Zoom meeting video to the required form for live streaming. A new Live Stream must be created in MUX for every session you wish to have Live Streaming for.  


The details created below will be used to link Zoom into the broadcasting service MUX, and then have this display in the Web App.

To create a live stream in MUX:

  1. Login to MUX (If using another platform, the steps must be similar on different platforms)
  2. Select Live Streams from the left-hand menu bar
  3. Click on Create New Live Stream
  4. Change the POST body editor to include the line “"reduced_latency": true,” and click Run Request

"reduced_latency": true,

"playback_policy": ["public"], 

"new_asset_settings": {

   "playback_policy": ["public"]




Note: This reduces the latency or streaming delay to enhance the real-time experience. It is not required for Live Streaming to function but is recommended for better performance.

  1. Click on View Live Stream
  2. Copy the 3 values as shown below from the newly created live stream
    1. RTMP URL (please select the secure URL is available)
    2. Stream Key
    3. Playback ID URL


Input MUX Stream URL into the Entegy CMS for session

Each session that has Live Streaming, will require the Stream URL added to the session. This will allow the session to display the Live Stream and embed this into the Interactive Sessions interface.  

Please note

Each session will have a unique Stream URL from MUX.

To input the Stream URL into the CMS:

  1. Navigate to the relevant session
  2. Navigate to Live Streaming Provider Link and input the MUX Playback ID URL
  3. Navigate to Live Streaming Provider Type and select the relevant option from the drop-down menu
    1. HLS - takes a HTTP Live Streaming URL - eg Mux or anything similar
    2. Iframe Partial View - put the stream into an iframe at the top of the page that scrolls with the session info (e.g. Vimeo, Zoom) 
    3. Iframe Full view - put the stream into a frame that takes up the whole left part and doesn't show any session info (e.g., Zoom).
    4. External Link - a link at the top of the session to open in a new window. (E.g. Could create a zoom link that opens in the native Zoom application).
  4. Click Save

To configure the Session Live Streaming:

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Schedule from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select the Session Settings tab
  3. Navigate to How to open streaming links - WebApp Only 
  4. Select Current Window - Stream with Interactive Sessions from the drop-down menu
  5. Click Save


Create a Zoom Meeting and Link MUX

A new Zoom Meeting must be scheduled for each session in the event schedule. Each of these sessions will have their own access details that will need to be provided to speakers for that session. 


It is recommended to create a Zoom Meetings account with generic details that Facilitators can log into so they can have meeting host privileges.

Please note

The steps below must be completed for each session. MUX codes must be unique per session.


To create a Zoom Meeting:

  1. Log into https://zoom.us/ 
  2. Click Schedule a Meeting from the top menu bar
  3. Input all the relevant meeting details including Title, Date and Time
  4. Click Save
  5. Once saved, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Live Streaming
  6. Click Configure Live Stream Settings
  7. Input the live streaming details from MUX:

    1. Stream URL: MUX RTMP URL (please select the secure URL is available)
    2. Stream Key: MUX Stream Key
    3. Live Streaming Page URL: MUX Playback ID URL
  8. Click Save


Share the Zoom Meeting Details with Session Facilitators and Session Speakers

Once the Zoom Meetings and CMS sessions are configured, the Zoom Meeting details will need to be shared with session facilitators and session speakers. This will ensure the facilitator and speaker have the relevant information for their session, including access details, and some instructions for how to manage their Zoom Meeting. Click here to view the Zoom Meeting Speaker Guide. 

Please note

Each session has its own set of access credentials. Speakers will need access to the relevant Zoom Meeting using the appropriate meeting invitation.

To share the Zoom Meeting details:

  1. Navigate to the relevant Zoom Meeting 
  2. Click Copy the Invitation
  3. Click Copy Meeting Invitation
  4. Distribute the relevant details to speakers