Zoom + MUX Live Streaming Setup

A simple Live Streaming option to configure and manage, Zoom Meetings can be used in conjunction with MUX to create a seamless Live Streaming experience for attendees. 


Event Organisers are responsible for creating the various Zoom Meetings and configuring the live streaming options, using stream details from MUX. This will allow the Zoom Meetings to stream directly into the Web App alongside the Interactive Sessions interface. 

The Session Facilitator will work closely with the Session Speakers to ensure the session runs smoothly, by using screen sharing, displaying PowerPoint slides, Interactive Sessions Display Screen and sharing speaker video. 

The Speaker, working with the Session Facilitator, will join the Zoom Meeting, sharing both audio and video, and present their session. 


Setup Zoom + MUX for Live Streaming

1) Zoom + MUX [Event Organiser Guide]

2) Manage Zoom Meeting [Facilitator Guide]

3) Zoom Meeting Live Streaming [Speaker Guide]

4) Manage Interactive Sessions