OBS + MUX Live Streaming Setup

An advanced Live Streaming option is to use OBS and MUX. This setup allows speakers to manage their own Live Streaming experience, with the aid of a facilitator (if they deem necessary). 


The Event Organiser is responsible for configuring each session in MUX to accommodate the live streams. The relevant details for each MUX session will then be passed onto the Session Facilitators and Speakers. The Event Organiser will also configure the Entegy CMS with the Stream URL to ensure the Live Stream is embedded into the web app alongside the Interactive Sessions interface.

The Session Facilitator will manage the session alongside the Speaker. They will control the Interactive Sessions Display Screen, and if required, can also control OBS on behalf of the speaker. 

The Session Speaker will be responsible for presenting their session and controlling OBS. This includes managing scenes and sources in OBS, as well as managing their video and audio sharing.


Setup OBS + MUX for Live Streaming

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