Zoom Meeting Live Streaming [Speaker Guide]

This guide will outline the major steps involved in managing a Zoom Meeting as a Session Speaker. 

For this guide, it is assumed that there will be a Session Facilitator controlling the Live Streaming output and various screens (e.g. Interactive Sessions Display Screen). If this is not the case, please refer to the Zoom Meeting for Live Streaming Facilitator Guide. 

As a Session Speaker using a Zoom Meeting for Live Streaming, there are three (3) important aspects you will need to understand and manage. These include:

  1. Accessing a session
  2. Configure Audio and Video
  3. Sharing your screen

All other aspects of the Live Stream will be controlled by the Session Facilitator. 

Access a Zoom Meeting session

The Event Organiser or Session Facilitator will be in contact with a Join Meeting URL to access the Zoom Meeting. By clicking this link, you will be taken directly to the Zoom Meeting. 

The Zoom Meeting can either be joined using the Zoom App on your computer or via the web browser.

For more information, please read this Zoom Help Centre article.


Configure Audio and Video for Zoom Meeting

There are two ways to join meeting audio, joining via computer audio or joining via telephone using dial-in details. Watch the below Zoom Help Centre video for more information on configuring your audio and video


Sharing Your Screen during a Zoom Meeting

As part of the Zoom Meeting, you are able to share your screen. This allows you to share Powerpoint slides or other materials. Watch the below Zoom Help Centre video to learn more about sharing your screen.