Page Banners Overview


Page banners can be created to appear at the bottom of the app. Banners can be used to draw an attendees attention to something in the App (e.g. feedback form or special event) or be used as a sponsorship opportunity. Banners can be set as Global to appear throughout the App, Main Menu to only show on the App Main Menu, or set individually per page in the App.

Global Banner vs Main Menu Banner

When creating a page banner, there are two main options for setting them up. These are Global and Main Menu Banners. These settings will affect which banners display in-app, but can be overridden per page on an individual level.

Global Banners appear throughout the Ap unless a banner has been manually added to an individual page.

Main Menu Banners are those that appear only on the Main Menu screen. This setting will override the Global Banner.


Page banner settings for individual pages

When adding a page banner to an individual page, there are a few settings to choose from. These dictate which banner the page will use.

No Banner will remove the page banner from the specific page, even if there is a Global Banner set.

Inherit page banners is a default setting for all subpages and will use the page banner from the page senior to it, or the Global Banner. For example, subpages within a container page will inherit the page banner set by the container page, unless otherwise changed.

Select from the list of page banners will allow for a new banner (not the global banner) be set for the specific page.


What page types support custom banners?

The following page types can support custom page banners. These page banners can be used as a sponsorship opportunity and can be changed per page to allow multiple app sponsors.

If a global banner is set for the app, the below pages can still support custom banners.

  • Schedule
  • Abstracts
  • Blank Page
  • Blank Group
  • Floorplan container page only, however, a sponsor logo could be added to floorplan image
  • Profile List
  • Exhibitors
  • Speakers
  • Map Locations
  • About
  • FAQ
  • What’s On
  • Directions
  • Embedded Web Link

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