Classic Registration Form Builder

Please note

Classic Registration will only be used for Kiosk Manager, Lead Capture Exhibitor Signup, and In-App Signup when the Registration product is not purchased. Please refer to these Registration Articles to build your standard registration form.

Custom Design

The form builder allows you to add your own custom design. The recommended header image size is 768 pixels x 300 pixels. Add your own colours to the header background and highlight text headings, hyperlinks and buttons. Colours need to be added in hex code format e.g #2d2d2d

Adding and Organising Form Fields

Click the plus symbol to add new form fields. To rearrange form fields, click on the arrows to drag and drop into desired position. To delete a field, click on the X. Add a new field or formatting option by selecting the large plus at the bottom of your form.

All fields are drawn directly from profile settings, within project configuration in the core.

Once you have added a field, click the  symbol to edit. Depending on the field, there are various options.

Form Field Options

Most fields include the following:

  • a custom label, if not using the name of the field
  • add a hint or placeholder text,
  • set as a compulsory field
  • minimum or maximum character length

If you have set up custom, multiple choice fields within profile settings, you may also add these to the registration form. For example you may want to include the option to confirm attendance to the gala dinner which requires an additional cost on top of the general registration fee. This price is also set in the profile settings, before adding to your registration form.

Multiple choice fields include some additional options, such as:

Setting a default, in this instance we are setting gala dinner attendance to no. and the option to ‘display prices’, if you are requiring payment through the registration form.

Terms and Conditions 

Add your own terms and conditions tickbox to your form to your form to confirm users have read.

Hidden and Forced Fields

If you are setting up forms for different users, you can add hidden fields which will automatically add to the profile data. For example if your form was intended for attendees only, you can add the field profile type and set the field to forced ‘attendee’. You would do the same for the other types - speakers, exhibitors and sponsors.

Remember always click ‘ok’ to confirm any changes to a field and then remember to save the entire form.