Manage your Organisation Account

Managing your Organisation Account includes major Organisation functions such as an overview of all projects belonging to the Organisation, managing Organisation users (typically organisation staff etc.) and Organisation-level design options.


To access your Organisation Account Settings:

  1. Navigate to the downward pointing arrow from the Navigation Menu (top left)
  2. A menu will open
  3. Select Manage Organisation

Options include:

  1. Projects
  2. Users
  3. Design
  4. Email Logs



This tab displays a list of all projects that belong to the Organisation and their current project status. Click on any project in the list to go directly to the project's dashboard.


Manager the users associated with the organisation. Here you can add new Organisation-level users who can access all projects associated with this Organisation. You can also set what level of control a user might have.

Select the permissions you would like for each user by selecting the certain roles and responsibilities you wish them to have.

User roles include:

  • Organisation Administrator: All Organisation roles and project administration across all projects.
  • Manager: Allows the user to manage other users and the white-labelling of the CMS.
  • Ordering: Allows the user to order software from Entegy.
  • Create Projects & Demos: Allows the user to create new projects & demos for the Organisation.
  • Project Administration: Unrestricted access to content and Element settings. Manage project users.
  • Project Management: Can create, edit and remove users within a project.
  • Communication: Send notifications and manage marketing campaigns.
  • Kiosk Companion: Can manage kiosks via the kiosk companion app.
  • Interactive Sessions: Host and manage Interactive Sessions.
  • Create Profiles: Able to create and delete profiles.
  • Edit Profiles: Edit attendee profile data.
  • View Profiles: View attendee profiles, export badges and profile activity reporting
  • Design: Setup and manage app design and appearance.
  • Element Settings: Customise element settings.
  • Content - Full Access: Create and manage all project content, pages and app menu.
  • Content - Limited Access: Edit pages and add new sessions, speakers, exhibitors etc. Cannot create or delete pages.



This tab allows you to completely white-label your CMS theme, including the CMS login screen, CMS interface, email header and App About Page.

Update Login Screen752cd470-17ee-4260-b812-11cf56173b6e.png

To customise your Login Screen:

  1. Upload your .png file to 'Login Logo'. This should be high resolution, for example 700px x 400px. Depending on the size of the screen, this will change, so it's best to test it once uploaded to see how it looks on a large screen.
  2. You can also change the background colour. Scroll down to 'CMS Theme' and choose 'Login Preview'
  3. Then choose your 'Login Theme' dark, light, primary or secondary colour, or a gradient colour which uses your primary and secondary colours.


Update CMS Interface

fc8e6852-1246-45ef-85ea-f464c6b8c9d7.pngTo customise your CMS Interface:

  1. Upload your .png file to 'Partner Logo'. This is a small square (256x256px) and will ideally be an icon version of your brand logo.
  2. To change the colours, scroll down to 'CMS Theme' and choose 'Content Preview'
  3. Then choose your 'Menu Theme' and 'Sidebar Theme': dark, light, primary or secondary colour.


Update Email Header

b9d7e435-849b-4f1a-976c-0f447b067421.pngTo customise your email header:

  1. Upload your .png file to 'Partner Email Header'. This must be 600x200px.


Update App About Page


To customise your App About Page:

  1. Upload your .png file to 'App About Page Design'. This must be 750x405px.

Please note

Updating the App About Page requires a store build update. You will need to request this through your account manager once you have updated the image. We can't guarantee timelines or turnaround in advance.


Email Logs

View emails sent on behalf of your Organisation account. These include inviting a new Organisation project user, forgotten passwords to Organisation project user accounts etc. 

Emails can have one of the following statuses:

  1. Delivered: Emails that have been delivered successfully
  2. Failed: Emails that were unable to be delivered
  3. Retrying: Emails that have failed to be delivered, but are able to try again later automatically
  4. Sending: Emails that are in the process of sending
  5. Spam Complaint: Emails that have been marked as spam by receivers