App Store & Google Play Graphics Design (Standalone & Portal App)

These icons a appear on attendees home screens and app drawer once they have downloaded the app. Recommend you keep it simple and clean.

iOS Icon

  • 1024 x 1024px PNG
  • No transparency
  • Corners are automatically rounded by Apple (corner radius is 180px for 1024px sized icons


Android Icon

  • 1024 x 1024px PNG
  • Must have transparency (this means you can control the shape of your icon!

Your icon should be simple and retain its legibility of concept when rendered in smaller sizes.
These are not required for embedded apps.


Google Play Store Feature Image

  • 1024 x 500px PNG
  • No transparency
  • Leave clear space at top for Playstore interface

Leave clear space at top (for Google store icons and status bar)
These are not required for embedded apps.


Read more tips about designing great App Store & Google Play graphics at the links below:

Apple iOS icon design
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Icon design resources and tips from Danish designer Michael Flarup


All assets must be supplied exactly as specified. The Core will not accept assets with any deviations from the specifications. Read more. 

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